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Our highly qualified team will provide technology, know how from CNC Machines, CNC Robots, Control system to Autonomous Manufacturing. We provide Tailored solutions for Manufacturing Software. Feel comfortable to contact us.

General application: Sawing, Drilling, Milling, Turning, Polishing, Grinding and Water jet cutting Material: Plastics, Metal, Wood, Marble, Granite, Artificial stone and Ceramic production.


We provide service for Complex Machines, Robots and their Control Systems in most part of the World with constructing, programming, repairing and trouble shooting expertise.

CAD/CAM/Simulations Software for Manufacturing with the Robots ''RoboNC: The future is now''.

We provide Tailored solutions for Manufacturing Software including CAD/CAM and Simulation.



Multitasking CNC robots: are very flexible machines. Uses: saw, mill, drill, cut with water jet, as well as handling the component. With ''RoboNC'' CAD/CAM/Simulation Software you can simulate everything before the manufacturing process.

Multiple CNC robotic systems: an autonomous manufacturing facility. By combining multiple multitasking robots, increment in productivity and cycle times.


We help our costumers to be ahead of market, providing Efficient and Economic Manufacturing. Our Company offers you a wide range of expertise in Manufacturing engineering, from which you can choose the topics according to your necessity, starting from CNC Machines, CNC Robots and Manufacturing Software. We support you with a comprehensive and technically competent advice.


Want to learn more about us and our offer? We are happy to introduce ourselves to you. Our team is always happy to assist you. We look forward to you!

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